Prashanta Hridoy Biography

    Since my childhood, I fell in love with the creative process. This motivates me towards photography and documenting lives around my circumstances. Past ten years I have established a set of poignant life event through my camera.
    My main passion lies in capturing human condition in unique, challenging situations. My range of subjects is fairly broad, but whether I am photographing daily life, child labor or homeless people my common aim is always the same - to capture the human element. I freelance since 2006 and shoot documentary photo stories. I am actively involved in philanthropic action for unprivileged people specially children in my native land.
    I have received more than 20 international awards. Much of my travel/documentary photography is represented by local & international media, while my personal projects, portraits etc. are in the private collections for photo enthusiastic and collectors worldwide. I want to bring out images which will reveal elements of human and thus I want to awaken humanity and compassion.
    I performed as a Jury member in VOUBS International photo contest 2017 (Bulgaria) .