Photo Story

Unhealthy Mask (COVID-19)

At present the whole world including Bangladesh has inflected with COVID-19. Lock-down has been enforced. Bangladesh is small density country with 16 core population. The government of Bangladesh instructs the people to lock them at their house in order to protect them from this pandemic situation and to control the virus from spreading. For increasing awareness among the people the government order them to have social distance, wear mask, use sanitizer and frequently wash hands with soap. The government strictly tries to publicity social awareness for welfare. But still some people especially day laborers, rickshaw pullar have not enough idea about this COVID-19. They can't earn their livelihood due to lock-down and can't buy necessary things to protect themselves and their families. Some are making cloth masks to fight against the virus but they are not effective and because of this they are easily affecting by COVID-19. Some other diseases like lung infection or throat infection are increasing alarmingly. General public believe that only mask can protect them from COVID-19. As a photographer, I show the picture of the life of such people. Probably such ignorance can fade their life.

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