Photo Story

The Lost Nation

According to the UN, more than 501,800 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh since the latest round of violence against them began in neighbouring Myanmar`s Rakhine state two months ago. The Bangladeshi hills of teknaf and Cox`s Bazar is now filled with flimsy tents made of tattered tarpaulin and plastic sheets. Since then, refugees pouring in from Myanmar have brought tales of death and destruction in their homeland, including villages burned to the ground and women and children being murdered. The Rohingya have faced decades of persecution and targeted violence in Myanmar, but the recent attacks that began just over two months ago are of an entirely new scale and level of inhumanity. Rohingya Muslims are considered to be among the world`s most persecuted people. The predominantly Buddhist Myanmar considers them Bangladeshi, but Bangladesh says they`re Burmese. As a result, they`re effectively stateless.

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